AnimA – How to Reset Statistic Points and Ability Points

Hello everyone, after playing Anima for today, I will share with you today how to reset the Statistic points and Ability points of the characters I’m playing.

When you first join AnimA, you will have difficulty because you do not know how to build the character properly, maybe you will increase the wrong skill points.

Using STONE OF MEMORY will help your character reset Statistic Points and Ability Points

Stone of Memory

How to earn STONE OF MEMORY?

You know, to find STONE OF MEMORY we have a few methods

Method 1: You can find STONE OF MEMORY when doing Quest Log.

We will do The Holy Water quest on the Cave map.

Quest Log

Method 2: Complete the missions in Achievements, you will earn a lot of good Items.


Homepage: AnimA


Watch the game as a pleasure

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