Archero – The logical and powerful combination of skills


This article will show you how to build a logical skill set to make your character strong.

You know for Archero, every time you level up, you will be choosing a random skill. But the choice of any skill makes us have a headache.

After playing Archero for a while, I learned a few experiences to build a reasonable skill set. Below is a table of skills sorted in order of preference. Or if you like, you can find out more How to Farm Gem, Equipment

Archero All Skills
Archero All skills

What skills combination should you use?

Here I will share a few skill sets for you, hoping to help you in the experience of Archero.

1. Set of skills 1

Archero set of skill 1

During the course of playing Archero, you will use 2 main skills Bouncy Wall and Piercing Shot.

Believe me, when you shoot an enemy, in this case I use the Bow. You know, the arrow will pierce the enemy then bounce against the wall and come back to hit the enemy again. It would be great if you used Front Arrow more, killing monsters will never be simpler than that.

2. Set of skills 2

Using the skills below, you just need to run and dodge the enemies. When playing Archero, using these skills is also very interesting, you can experience how to build new skills.

Circle Abilities
Strike Abilities
Star Abilities
Meteor Abilities
Sword Abilities


Watch the game as a pleasure