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Eternium – Crafting method for newbies

Eternium - Crafting method for newbies
Eternium – Crafting method for newbies

Hi, Eternium has a very well equipped crafting system, when participating in the game you will be fascinated by this crafting system.

Today I will show you how the manual crafting system works.

1. First, we have to go to Ingrdit blacksmith to ask how to craft our equipment, of course you have to pay for this.

 Ingrdit blacksmith

2. Next you’ll see the things that Ingrid blacksmith will craft for us. It will include weapons, armor, materials or gems.

weapons, armor, materials or gems

3. Now we will try starting with the weapons

And these are the weapons that your character will equip. Because I am playing the Mage character, so here are the weapons that my character can equip.

weapons that my character can equip

Next we will craft the Arcane Weapons, and here is the Staff


And next we have 2 options

  • Normal: We will build equipment from Common to Legend
  • Arcane Sets: we must have equipment drawings to be able to craft equipment.
craft equipment

In this step we can select the attributes we want on our equipment. And remember the highest equipment level will be the level of the character you are playing.

the highest equipment level

Here are the attributes that you can choose to add to your equipment.


Finally, in addition to the materials to add attributes to the equipment, we also need gold, a lot of gold. You should find ways to find a lot of gold because the higher the level equipment requires more gold, make more gold. Or when crafting the set of equipment, we will have even more difficulty in gold.

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Watch the game as a pleasure

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