Eternium Guide

Eternium – How to Play, Guide, Tips and Cheats

Eternium - How to Play, Guide, Tips and Cheats

Hello everyone, today I will share with you the guide, tips, how to play the most comfortable Eternium game.


While playing Eternium, so does everything we drop after killing monsters automatically pick up?

The answer is Yes. You know, this us a tip, in the course of fighting monsters, after killing them, a lot of things fall out such as gems, materials, weapons, armor …. It is hard to have to pick each one. But rest assured, after you finish killing the last boss of the mission, all the things we dropped will fly to the character on their own, is it true?

This is just a small tip to guide for you in Eternium, I will soon show you how to play comfortably, have fun.

In Eternium What is Champion Level? How to use points when reaching Champion Level?

The maximum level of Eternium is 70, then you will step into Champion Level. Meanwhile the hero kills the monster will not level up anymore, but the experience that will be used to increase the Champion Level.

Every time a level of Champion Level, the character will receive 1 Champion Point and the number of Champion Points will divide in the following order:

1 Point for Offense –>1 Point for Defense –> 1 Point for Utility and then back again

Champion Level
Offense point
Defense point
Utility point

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