Eternium - Warrior Build Deadly Throw

Eternium – Warrior character building guide

Eternium - Warrior character building guide
Eternium – Warrior character building guide

Hello players, today I will show you how to build Warrior character in the game Eternium. Or Warrior build defend.

In Eternium, Warior have several ways to build characters. Today I will show you how to build a Warrior with dual wield with 2 weapons.

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The following heroes will be focused on building Warrior in descending order of priority:

Warrior character class is a hero with high damage, so we will focus on building this hero as “maximize damage & remain tough” throughout the missions until Champion Level.

Warrior will use the following attributes.

  • Power
  • Critical Rating
  • Critical Damage
  • Vitality
  • Ability Rate

For equipment with 4 options, you’ll add moderate Vitality to have enough health to fight monsters, the rest will add Ability Rate to reduce cooldown time.

Initially, when you craft equipment, there are usually only 4 options, of course, then the Warrior is already strong. Later, to find 5 options equipment, you have to join Events to find materials to craft into 5 options equipment. Crafting System is interesting, isn’t it?


The following gear will be collected / Crafted, Reforged and Socketed to build Warrior.

To be strong in Eternium, which Battle Gear should Warrior use?

Which weapon does the Warrior use?

Eternium Warrior Vampiric Blades Set Viscera Sword
Vampiric Blades Set Viscera Sword
Eternium Warrior Vampiric Blades Set Sanguinarius Sword
Vampiric Blades Set Sanguinarius Sword

A guide for Eternium players, Warrior will build dual wield with 2 sets of weapons.

Looking at the above options, you have already seen it. When a Warrior uses this Vampiric Blades Set in combination with 2 attack abilities it will be very powerful.

Which Armor does the Warrior use?

Eternium Warrior Warlod's Battlegear Set
Warlod’s Battlegear Set
Eternium Warrior Legendary Cape
Legendary Cape

Battle Gear Stats

The following special stats have been Reforged in the Battle Gear of this Warrior character build

  • Helm, Shoulder Pads, Tunic, Gloves, Pants & Boots
    • Armor
    • + Haste
    • + Power
    • + Critical Rating
    • + Vitality
  • Cape
    • Armor
    • + Dodge Rating
    • + Parry Rating
    • + Vitality
    • + Life On Hit
  • Weapons
    • Weapon Damage
    • + Haste
    • + Power
    • + Critical Rating
    • + Critical Damage

Ring and Necklace Stats

Crafting jewelry items according to the following stats

Eternium Warrior Legendary Necklace
Legendary Necklace
Eternium Warrior Legendary Ring
Legendary Ring

Socketing Battle Gear

  • Body armor
    • Diamond
    • Amethyst
  • Weapons — Ruby
  • Necklace — Topaz
  • Ring 1 — Sapphire
  • Ring 2 — Emerald.


Eternium Warrior Ability Attack Frenzy
Eternium Warrior Ability Attack Rending Slash
Rending Slash
Eternium Warrior Ability Utility Shockware
Eternium Warrior Ability Utility Charge
Eternium Warrior Ability Utility Shockwa
Eternium Warrior Ability Passive Power Infusion
Power Infusion
Eternium Warrior Ability Passive Lightning Reflexes
Lightning Reflexes
Eternium Warrior Ability Passive Duelist


First, when we start fighting the enemy, we will use the Rending Slash to inflict damage to the enemy over every second for 15 seconds. Using Rending Slash can stack up to 10 times more damage.

Then, we will then use Frenzy to fight primarily. Frenzy deals damage, increases attack speed and running speed, steals health, and can attack twice.

Here is how to build the character Warrior into an “Offensive Warrior“, if there is anything to share about this construction, please share with me, we will discuss it.

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Watch the game as a pleasure

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