Idle Planet Miner

Idle Planet Miner – Sell a galaxy & construct a new room

Hi everyone, today I will show you how to reduce the cost of planetary upgrades, or increase the ability to collect resources … Forever

1. In order to improve the efficiency of collecting resources on planets, we should sell the galaxy and start a new in exchange for precious credits.

Every 3 days will have a challenge within 24 hours to increase the level of resources, alloys and items. Then you will sell that galaxy so we must speed up the value of the galaxy to gain many precious credits. And from there we will buy more rooms.

2. In order to reduce the amount of money when upgrading planets, we can buy Astromo room.

And get a 10% discount at level 1, what are you waiting for? Buy Astromo now to save costs and upgrade planets to produce and collect resources faster.

3. In order to increase craft items faster, we should buy a Workshop room

4. We can speed up smelt of alloys by buying more Forge rooms

5. We will buy more Engineering room and upgrade it to speed up digging resources

6. We buy more Aeronautical rooms and upgrade it to speed ships faster to collect resources on the planets faster.

Download: Idle Planet Miner


Watch the game as a pleasure

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