Transit King Tycoon – Use transport trucks in a smart way

Transit King Tycoon
Transit King Tycoon – Use transport trucks in a smart way

Hello everyone, Transit King Tycoon is a very interesting game, at first it is normal but when you play long it will be very difficult for you to escape, a very interesting game.

Today I will share with you how to use transport trucks in a smart way. Of course, this method is recommended for newbies. By using this method, you will increase the efficiency of using transport trucks, thereby shortening the transport time of goods required by the city. This will help us gain experience and gold to increase the level of the city faster.

This will make it easier for new players to join this game.

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Transit King Tycoon – Instructions for newbies

Of all our transport trucks, most trucks carry all the goods but these have low capacity. While some other trucks may accommodate larger loads, these trucks typically contain only 7 types of cargo.

For example, the level 14 “Susi” truck only has a capacity of 6, but the new “DOG” truck level 1 has a capacity of 9.

Susu truck
dog truck

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Watch the game as a pleasure

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